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Sat, 21 May



BeerBeer Open 2022

Registration is closed
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BeerBeer Open 2022
BeerBeer Open 2022

Time & Location

21 May 2022, 22:00

Espoo, Kulkurinmäki 2, 02770 Espoo, Suomi

About the event


Binding registration by paying the participation fee. 20 Euros

For the account: FI3480002739266475

Put in the message: NAF ID and nic.

What is on offer?

The very tournament in Finland where there is always a good go and a guaranteed mindset. In addition, we take care of the food side. Own drinks mandatory.

Game arena:

The last handicraft workshop in the industrialized world whose environment rains confusion and brings to mind the magical dimension of iron forging. The only unique experience to play in a sparkling environment where the hammer sways and the armor bangs.

Tournament rules:2022

The tournament will start at 10.00 on saturday, or earlier if players are ready.

For each game there is 2h30min reserved, last game is scheduled to end at 20:00

We will play using the newest edition of the rules, the BB2020 version.

This tournament is a "resurrection" tournament. All games are played with the same roster, no spp will be gained and all injuries will heal between matches. No winnings will be gained and dedicated fans will stay the same.

This tournament will use the exhibition version of the "prayers to Nuffle" -table.

Players will get 1100k gold to be used for standard team building and inducements. You can buy the following when building your team:

- A minimum of 11 players and a maximum of 16 are to be rostered. Star players can only be bought once 11 players are bought and a star player cannot take the roster to over 16 players.

- 0-8 Re-Rolls

- Assistant coaches

- Cheerleaders

- 0-1 Apothecary

The following inducements are allowed to be rostered. The cost will be as follows and will count for all 4 games:

- 0-2 Bloodweiser Kegs: Each keg needs to be physically present at the table and consumed after use (a bottle or can of beer counts as a keg. Also other bewerage may be accepted by the jury)

- Mortuary Assistant 100, for teams with the special rule “Sylvanian Spotlight”

- Plague Doctor 100k for teams with the special rule “Favoured of Nurgle”

- 0-3 Bribes for 100k each, for teams with the special rule “Bribery and Corruption” 50k each

- 0-1 Master chef for 300k, for teams with the special rule “Halfling Thimble Cup” 100k

- 0-1 Riotous Rookies 100k, for teams with the special rule “Low cost linemen”

- 0-1 NAF-approved star players for their regular cost

Additional cash and Star player points:

The additional cash as listed below can be combined with the initial team creation budget. This additional cash can be spent on players, star players, inducements, assistant coaches, cheerleaders, re-rolls or apothecaries. Teams will receive Star player points according to their tier. These Star player points can be used as follows:

- primary skill costs 6spp

- maximum one player in each team can stack an additional skill, the second skill costs 8spp.

Both skills have to be primary skills

- Secondary skill costs 12spp

- characteristic improvement 3spp for +AV, 6spp for +MA or +PA, 12spp for +AG, 24spp for +ST

- Only 1 player in a team belonging to tiers 3-4 can be given a characteristic improvement, these can be combined with skills using the rules mentioned above (characteristic improvement counts as the first skill)

- At the end there can be 0-1 NAF-approved star players in the roster (stars that can be taken only as a pair (for example The Swift Twins) count as a 1 NAF-approved star player)

- star players may not receive additional skills


Tier 1 - 50k additional cash and 30 SPP

Amazons, Dark Elves, Dwarfs, Lizardmen, Norse, Wood Elves, Undead, Chaos Dwarfs, Orcs, Skaven, Necromantic

Tier 2 - 60k additional cash and 36 SPP

Imperial Nobility, Humans, Chaos, Black orcs, Old World Alliance, Elven Union, Underworld denizens

Tier 3 - 70k additional cash and 42 SPP

Chaos Renegades, High Elves, Khemri, Nurgle, Slann, Daemons of Khorne,

Tier 4 - 85k additional cash and 50 SPP

Goblins, Halfings, Ogres, Snotlings, Vampires


- A win is worth 3 points.

- A draw is worth 1 point.

- A loss worth 0 points.


- Most CAS inflicted. (All casualties even partially caused by other team caused are calculated for this, including fouls, crowd surfs, dodge failures etc. Rushing failures are not included)

- Net CAS (same as above)

- Net TD

- Beer drinking contest

Paint and miniatures:

All the miniatures need to be painted.

Favored of the Beer Gods:

Once per tournament, a player can open a bottle of beer, drink the beer and use the bottlecap as an extra re-roll for that game only.

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