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Blood Bowl Finland RY

Blood Bowl Finland's mission

Blood Bowl Finland RY is a registered association that promotes the gameplay and tournament activities of the Blood Bowl miniature game in Finland. 


Blood Bowl is played in leagues throughout the country, and there are more than 10 tournaments organized each year, all of which are run on a voluntary basis.


Finland participates in the major Blood Bowl tournaments with its representative team at the Eurobowl, and every fourth year, multiple teams take part in the open World Cup.

The activities of Blood Bowl Finland RY revolve around supporting league and tournament operations. Membership fees and support are used, after covering necessary expenses, for tournament prizes, tournament organization, league awards, and supporting the Finnish representative team, such as ordering team jerseys.

Any one can join Blood Bowl Finland RY as a member by paying the association membership fee, which is 20€/year. Easiest way to join is to fill this Google form and pay the membership fee following the instructions in the form. 

Blood Bowl Finland RY supports tournament and league organizers throughout Finland and strives to ensure that the best Finnish players have the opportunity to represent Finland in the major Blood Bowl tournaments abroad.

Blood Bowl Finland RY's bank account number FI23 4108 0012 7964 99

Blood Bowl Finland RY association rules are available here.

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Blood Bowl Finland RY Rules

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