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Tournament Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl tournaments usually consist of 3-6 rounds of balanced Blood Bowl. Unlike leagues, tournament Blood Bowl offers a balanced resurrection format Blood bowl games with a set Roster for all the games. 

Finnish Tournament Calendar boasts 6-8 tournaments per year and it all culminates every year to the EuroBowl or Blood Bowl World cup every 4th year. In the international tournaments hundreds of coaches face off and find who's the best of the best. 

Finland sends a team of 8 coaches to every EuroBowl. The captain chooses the 7 other coaches from the best and most active players to form a team.

If you're interested in joining the EuroBowl team, find out more information on here. Every Eurobowl has a side event EuroOpen which is open to all teams as long as there are open slots left. World Cup is open to all 6 man teams interested. In 2023 Alicante will host the next World Cup, find out more information on the discord, if you're interested.


The NAF is an international association of players dedicated to Blood Bowl –the Games Workshop game of fantasy football. NAF sanctioned tournament results are uploaded to the naf database where results can be accessed by everyone.

Membership costs 10€ and you'll receive a small gift when you join or renew the memberhsip. It's highly recomended to join NAF if you play in tournaments but it's not necessary. 

Link to NAF website

Finnish Masters

~5 tournaments every year are part of the Finnish Masters. You take part in the Finnish Masters by playin in any of these tournaments. Top three results from an attending coach will count towards the final score.
All tournaments have a minimum of 3 rounds. 

Finnish Masters are a part of SCAM - Scandinavian master. 


Finnish Masters Champions

2019 - Brutopatia - Lizardmen

2020 season cancelled

2022 - Tonalt - Amazon

2023 - Evilsmoothie - Dwarfs & Khorne


Scandinavian Masters is like the Finnish Masters but you can take part by playing in Finland or the other Scandinavian tournaments that are part of SCAM. More info about SCAM and tournaments attending SCAM here.


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