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Leagues in Finland

There are many active leagues open to new players. This list is aimed to for the players to find a league near them and will mostly feature leagues open to all new players.


OMG Bowl


The biggest league in Finland, boasting around more than 30 teams spread across several divisions.  An open league for all newcomers and veterans alike. A season usually lasts around 6 months.

Games are played in OMG gamestore. 

Check the OMG website for contact info and get the latest details about their Blood Bowl league.


Noppa Bowl


A league of around 10 players held in the Nopat ja taktiikat gaming club.

Each season starts in the fall and runs until summer. Most league communication takes place on the "Noppakerho" discord.

Check the club website for more info:

Finnish bb ball.png

River Bowl


Eastern Finland's league held in Joensuu or varying locations around Joensuu.


Two leagues per year, each league lasting around 3-4 months. Also running smaller "training" leagues every now and then.


Contact John for more info: niemi.john[a] (yes, I speak finnish too )

Finnish bb ball.png

JMG league


Small league with good spirit and fast rounds. We are open to new players always so if interested jump in!


​​Join the discord channel to find out more!

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HUBBLe (abbreviated from Hyvinkää-Uusimaa Blood Bowl League) is a medium-size league situated at Hyvinkää.

Each season starts with preseason matches during summer and actual league matches in August.

For more information contact:

Finnish bb ball.png



A Beginner friendly league of around 10 players in Tampere.

All interested players are welcome to join in!

To get more info, contact Timo Valo on Facebook or Facebook messenger.


Karly Bowl


Small, beginner-friendly league that keeps growing every season.

For more info on Karl Bowl, it's best to join the Karly Discord channel or contact the league commissioner via karlyhallitus(a)

Finnish bb ball.png

Sucker Punch League


League in northern Finland with 10 to 12 players, balancing between yet mindful of both a good old relaxy jolly (s)laughter and a teeth grinding competitiveness.


Currently one round per month and season is complete within 12 months.

For new comers there is also entrance level Fantsu Open league to sharpen their skills before joining in.

Finnish bb ball.png

Porvoo Major/Minor League


Active league based in Porvoo that runs basically around the year.  Each season starts in the autumn and ends before the summer. 

Check the Porvoo Game Club website for more info on how to join the Blood Bowl action in the Porvoo area:

The club & league welcomes newcomers and veterans alike!

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