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The Finnish Eurobowl team


How to make the team

The Eurobowl team is chosen by the team captain. For the 2024 Eurobowl team the Captain is Tonalt - Aku Sonninen or Tonalt_fin in Finnish Blood bowl discord. If you're interested of earning a spot in the 2024 Eurobowl team, contact the team captain.


Captain will choose the Finnish team members who are active in Naf-ranked Blood bowl tournaments and get good results. The captain will sometimes factor other reasons in than tournament ranking, like Coaches chosen Blood bowl team reace or activity in the finnish tournament scene.

So if you're interested in a spot do the following:

  • Contact the team captain Tonalt - Aku Sonninen (Facebook, Discord) 

  • Play in NAF-ranked tournaments in Finland and/or elsewhere

  • Get good results from said tournaments

  • Be active in the finnish (or other) Blood Bowl community

    • Host tournaments​

    • Host leagues

    • Help new coaches interested in the tournament scene better themselves at the game

  • Play in the finnish Tournament practice league (Tabletop/online league)​​​

    • Specifics will be added later​

  • All Blood bowl acitivity will be taken into account, but notify the captain of these things​​​

The team will be formed 2023, and the biggest factors will be NAF-tournaments, The Finnish masters results, 2023 Alicante World cup record and after that other Blood bowl acitivity online or offline. 

Be active, do your best and earn the spot in the team!

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